The first road trip:magesh,me,frank and bala. an apache rtr FI and a tvs flame. The journey started by 2pm, bala and me starting from my house when frank joined us at ukkadam. we went went on to kuniamuthur to pick up magesh. Inspite of google’s predictions of heavy shower we carried on with the route to dhyanalingam.Google was right and in few minutes with the sky poured down like the corporation water pipes(arrgh!) was 30 km from my place. and it took us like an hour and a half to reach the destination!. not forget, we stopped half way to get miranda and then throttled all along. The main part of it was the beauty of the lush green mapping all our way on either side. we reached there by 4 or half past four. [For who havent been there] The main attraction of dhyanalingam is the humongous large Shiva lingam. Which is located inside a doom shaped structure of excellent architecture. The doom is low lit and is so serene for meditation. it gives u that unexplainable peace and silence there. yeah, after spending some 15 mins there. we back out of it in the foodcourt. We had 2 rounds of sandwich and tea,it was 6pm. The sun going down, we started our engines. The rain was still rushing with all might.We sped along the same path. and were in magesh’s place at 8. After few photo sessions and some exchange of words between frank and bala (words i mean! :P) we dotted our way back home.AS A WHOLE!. it was an excellent day and it was FIRST ROAD TRIP in college.

P.S: Sorry people i didnt have my camera, so was not able to post any pics of the trip 😦 .

(for those who havent seen dhyanalingam yet,its a must see!)