Make time: Book notes

Notes of the book: Make time by Jake Knapp and John Zeratsky

A lot of these are things which I already do, and some are definitely worth picking up

My key takeaways:

  1. Write it down
  2. Run a Personal Sprint
  3. Block your calendar
  4. Design your day
  5. nighttime is the highlight time
  6. Wear a wristwatch
  7. Skip the morning check in (Free mornings)
  8. Block distraction kryptonite (Eg: Weakness for hackernews)
  9. Ignore the news! (Try getting news for a week
  10. Cancel the internet!! (Similar to what I did for internetless programming)
  11. Pretend messages are letters. (No urgency to immediately reply)
  12. Dont watch the NEWS!
  13. Put TV in the corner.
  14. If you love something, set it free (Movies for me) : More like no movies during weekdays
  15. Invent a deadline
  16. Play a laser sound track (My cue as the table lamp for focus mode.)
  17. Exercise everyday (Huh. If only I would do it)
  18. Stay hungry (Controlling the food portion)
  19. Make your bedroom a bed room (Keep an alarm clock and nothing else in the bedroom. Kindle is ok)