I’m Prashanth, born and brought up in India, currently living in beautiful Munich, Germany. Finished my Master’s from the Technical University of Munich with focus on Machine learning in Computer Vision. Currently working as a ML Engineer at Voxelgrid GmbH a prop tech company where we create facade plans and floor plans automagically from pointclouds. I work on creating the entire software pipline, all the way from creating the DL based facade plan models to a SAAS platform where the users generate the deliverables. Pythonista by heart and thinking about FastAPI these days.

So Prashanth is a tech guy? Not entirely. Apart from tech, I love to travel, read, take pictures and build things. I love to build furniture, and read about history and philosophy. I try a few personal experiments, like not reading news, going on a mouna sadhana etc.. A long time follower of Gandhi and gandhian values, and recently striving to know more about Vivekananda and Aurobindo.

Started to dabble a bit into trading and carpentry since 2020.